There are many incredible sites around Australia that are perfect for pitching your tent, but over the course of our travels, weve compiled a list of what we believe are the five best Campsites in Australia get ready to explore a wondrous place.

5. Cape York Queensland

For those of you with a rugged 4×4 and a thirst for adventure, you cant go wrong with Cape York up in far north Queensland.

Cape York hosts lots of campgrounds so its difficult to pick just one that you should stay at, theyre all well looked after and are surrounded by stunning nature and great views.

There are lots of fantastic driving trails for you to explore, and plenty of places to stop and have a look or take a swim. One such place is Fruitbat Falls, a beautiful oasis with crystal clear water and a beautiful waterfall.

For the anglers out there theres plenty of fish to catch and if you keep driving you can get your photo taken at the northernmost point of the Australian continent.



2. Lucky Bay Western Australia

A part of Cape Le Grande National Park, this campsite is a great one because the grounds are well maintained and host hot showers and working toilets.

Lucky Bay

Its a fantastic beach site; the sand is pure white and the water is clear and blue, theres also a lot of beautiful natural wildlife including kangaroos that hop around the beach and lots of native birds.

The natural views are absolutely extraordinary and really show off some of Western 

Australias truly unspoiled nature.


3. Great Ocean Road Victoria

The Great Ocean Road that stretches out at the bottom of Victoria is an incredible slice of nature thats only a few hours drive south of Melbourne.

Great Ocean Road

Here you can find the Great Otway National Park and Johanna Beach.
Set up your tent and have an incredible time exploring the nature and seeing the best that Victoria has to offer.

Down on the coastline, you can see the 12 Apostlesstanding strong off the coastline, and nearby you can tackle the walking trail around the coast and take breathtaking photos of the cliffs and beaches.     


2. Robe South Australia

With lots of fantastic campgrounds and stunning beaches, Robe is a great place to discover down in SA and hosts the widely famous Long Beachwhich is a gorgeous stretch of nature.

Robe is a small town on the beach and is a really hospitable place to come on a short holiday.

The town has lots of pubs and cafes and the locals are more than happy to talk about the local area and how to make the most of the surrounding nature.

The beaches are pristine and your welcome to drive along them, and the campsites are well maintained.

1. Cape Range National Park Western Australia

Taking our number 1 spot is the Cape Range National Park in Exmouth in WA. 

This incredible campsite has unbelievable beaches that have stunning reefs only metres into the water and unbelievable rock, water and sand formations cut from nature over thousands of years.

There are many incredible spots here, bays and gorges that you can take boats out onto and even places where you can swim with whale sharks.

The price per night makes this spot one of the cheapest locations around which is a huge added benefit.     

Well, thats our list; let us know if youve got any locations you think should have been added.

We encourage you to make an effort to get around and try each of these locations, you wont regret it.

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