Top 5 Campsites in Australia

There are many incredible sites around Australia that are perfect for pitching your tent, but over the course of our travels, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the five best Campsites in Australia get ready to explore a wondrous place.

5. Cape York – Queensland

For those of you with a rugged 4x4 and a thirst for adventure, you can’t go wrong with Cape York up in far north Queensland.

Cape York hosts lots of campgrounds so it’s difficult to pick just one that you should stay at, they’re all well looked after and are surrounded by stunning nature and great views.

There are lots of fantastic driving trails for you to explore, and plenty of places to stop and have a look or take a swim. One such place is ‘Fruitbat Falls’, a beautiful oasis with crystal clear water and a beautiful waterfall.

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