The summer is here and like most people I have been dusting off my tent and the rest of my camping gear. If I’m honest my camping never stops all through the winter months I was out camping, be it wild or out just on a campsite.

The freedom camping gives you can really be limitless. There is a would of organized camping out there ready for all to explore.

being a relatively seasoned camper my bag always seems to be packed and ready to let me go at a moments notice. When you have children you have to take any opportunities you can. Recently I head off for a weekend in the peak district nation park and stayed at one of my favorite campsites which is simple, low cost and normally quiet. The Eric Byne Memorial Campsite won’t be perfect for everyone it’s not great if you have lots of young children or a heavy tent or indeed if you want to shower every night.

The campsite is minimal there are not showers but a single shower block attached to the farm. The walk in from the car park takes around 20 minutes so it can be a pain if you have left anything behind. You can park up by the Robin hood pub which used to be free but now is a national trust pay and display car park you can find more information on Birchen Edge Car park it really is a beautiful spot.

I personally wouldn’t leave any valuables in my car so take what you need with you. The campsite is a perfect get away if you want to rock climbing in the area giving you great access too Birchen edge, Gordoms and Chatsworth.  The campsite is generally quiet through  the year when I stayed in March 2018 there was only two other tents there.

If you want to look around there are several site you might be interested in visiting Chatsworth house is close by Bakewell which is also where the closest shop is, a Local Spar. The area is great to explore and close by many other locations you can link together days of wonderful walking. The area is particularly popular with children completing their DofE walks.

I would encourage you to get out and explore the location

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