A campsite directory is a useful tool for campsites and RV park owners. In this article I want to go through some of the benefits and why you might want to utilize a directory to grow your online business.

Targeted your advertising using a campsite directory

  •  Around 80% of potential customers use a directory while researching a product or company. A research study carried out by Burke university concluded that those that use a directory usually lead to a purchase.
  • What we have found at Campsite direct is that potential customers use directories as part of their research. Normally they are looking at a campsite directory before they choose a campsite or RV park to book.

What do we know about campsite directories

We know people using directories are ready to do business. As campsite owners you need people to visit your website but you also need them to book a stay. Hence attracting customer is essential to your business success. A campsite directory is an essential tool in getting greater exposure for your business. Online directories also have a number of additional advantages.

Using a directory which is specific to the niche you work within is going to give far more relevant traffic. It can be hard to know how best to advertise your business but there is no doubting the benefit the specific nature of a camping directory offers

Increasing your profitability

If you haven’t already, listing your campsite or camping ground online via a campsite directory will help you increases the profitability of your business. Your business will grow by at least 20%. What the ultimate result will be is increased traffic to your website and more books which will increase your bottom line..

Potential customers will search multiple places before they commit to booking. Customers will check review site and online directories. What we have found in our market research is If your business appears in multiple directories this will help increase trust in your business. We also have a useful review feature which can help customers leave a rating about your campsite. This will help grow even more trust in your business. If you are a potential campsite customer you can find a campsite near you.

Do you want to increase web traffic

Businesses listed in a specific business directory related to your business niche will increase targeted traffic to your website. The added benefit is a targeted link back to your website that will also have the benefit of increasing your search visibility with Google search rankings

We know that Google gives preference to quality website with good authority links. You can also make sure you write good website content that will also greatly assist in your own websites search results. The two thing combined will continue to help your business to grow. But having a directory listing people will be able to locate your newly constructed content.

A campsite directory listing should form part of your marketing strategy. Therefore you should advertise your campsite in a good quality directory which is well maintained

Connecting people and places

It’s become our mission to make sure we connect people and the places they want to go. All to often great campsites are over looked because they don’t show up online. It’s quite a specialist area to understand search engine optimization. We go some way to enabling smaller businesses to be found. We have a great passion for camping and we believe now more than ever a camping directory can enhance the visibility of your site.

Enhance feature of our directory

We offer a low cost listing option. We also enable a link directly to your website. Unlike some directories your customers don’t have to book through us they can book directly with you. We try to make it as easy as possible. We let you put your email address so potential customers can email you directly. We also have a fully optimized website which helps your customers call you directly when it matters. Best of all we have an integrated map functionality so people trying to find you even late at night with great ease.

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