Campgrounds around the world are starting to open their doors for the summer holidays. And while sticking to a campground near you could be an awesome idea for a staycation, that would mean missing out on all of the amazing camping opportunities around the world. If you are an adventurous soul, there is nothing better than camping in new and unexplored territory. And these campgrounds below fall into any category but “ordinary”. Here are the Top 10 most unique camping holiday destinations that we have found around the world:

1) TreeBones Resort (Big Sur, California) 

If you like the idea of camping, but don’t necessarily like the idea of “roughing it”, the TreeBones Resort in Big Sur is the perfect compromise. Big Sur offers a variety of unique camping options, with the most popular choice being their large selection of luxurious yurts. And if you want to take things one step more luxurious, you can also rent the “Grand One-of-a-kind Tent” that provides over 500 square feet of living space, along with your own private deck and fire pit.

2) The Human Nest (Big Sur, California)

The TreeBones Resort in Big Sur isn’t just popular for it’s luxurious tents and yurts, but also offers an extremely unique camping experience – the Human Nest or Twig Hut. Yes, you heard us right. At the TreeBones Resort you can opt to sleep in your very own, private, hand woven human nest! But it wouldn’t be authentic if the nest was covered, so be prepared to be sleeping with some wildlife by your side!

3) Wilson Island (Australia)

Want a private camping holiday experience? Why not rent an entire island to yourself? In Australia, you can do just that! Wilson Island is a tiny coral cay that sits among the Great Barrier Reef. It is equipped with only 6 safari style tented accommodations on the entire island. You can rent just one, or rent the entire island for yourself. Not only is the island surrounded by the wonders of the reef, but it’s also a turtle lover’s paradise. Beginning in November you can expect to see many turtle hatchlings making their way about the island!

4) Kampeervlot (Netherlands)

Love camping and being on the water? Why not combine the two together and sleep in a camping raft? The concept is exactly as it sounds, sleeping in camping rafts on the water. The rafts are given a fixed location on the water, and canoes are provided for transportation. The first rafts ever made were construct from pine tree trunks, barrels, and raw wood. Today, they are made from recycled plastic and wood.

5) Huttenpalast (Berlin)

We’re not really sure why anyone would want to take the outdoors out of camping holidays, but should you decide to do so, you can do just that at the Huttenpalast in Berlin. Overnight stays are provided in vintage caravans and RV’s that are separated into different hallways within the hotel. We’re not sure if this qualifies as “camping” or not, but it definitely is a unique experience!

6) Buubble (Iceland)

Camping is all about getting in touch with nature and exploring the outdoors. And at the Buubble in Iceland, you can get in touch with nature in a way that most people will never have the chance to. Bring your childhood dreams to life as you sleep under the stars in your very own glass bubble! And
while the idea of sleeping in a bubble is cool enough on it’s own, factor in that you can fall asleep to watching the Aurora Borealis and camping doesn’t get much better!

7) Grand Daddy (Cape Town, Africa)

Forget about camping on the ground, why not take your experience to the rooftops? At the Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel in Cape Town, Africa, you can choose from 7 unique designs for a camping experience in the middle of the city and on top of the world!

8) Giraffe Lodge (UK)

At the Giraffe lodge, luxury tents await you. But even better than that, so do the giraffes! At this once in a lifetime lodge, you’ll have the opportunity to hand feed giraffes right from the balcony. If you desire, you can also go behind the scenes in the giraffe house itself. And if giraffes followed by a night under the stars is what you desire, the authentic safari tents here have heating, electricity, and comfortable beds.

9) Waldseilgarten (Bavaria, Germany)

At Waldseilgarten, you can take your camping experience to new heights – literally. Located in the mountains, this resort offers a thrill seeking camp holiday experience where daring guests can spend the night hanging from the treetops and suspended over the cliff side. But renters beware, this is considered an “extreme” form of camping, with some of the overhangs rising over 2000 meters high! But don’t worry, if that is too extreme for you desires, you can also choose the 100 or 300 meter high options.

10) Joshua Tree National Park (California)

There is nothing crazy or extreme about camping out in the Joshua Tree National Park, but if you are looking for an awesome place to relax, this is it! Surrounded by beautiful scenery and amazing rock formations, Joshua Tree offers some of the best nights skies

that you will ever see. And the best part? The park is pollution free, so you will be able to see stars for miles.

If you are looking for a great camping holiday that is out of the ordinary, just Google some of those listed above – surely one of these will strike your adventurous side and get your adrenaline flowing!

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