Spending time outdoors is an activity that can be both fulfilling and fun. While the thrill of wildlife, the mystery of the woods and the freshness of the air are features of outdoor camping that are desirable, the preparation and consumption of meals is one thing that helps to enhance the experience.

Cooking Outdoors

Many will attest that food prepared outdoors seems to taste better than those prepared in the kitchen, even with the same ingredients and cooking methods. As a result, preparing and eating meals while on camping trips are highly anticipated by campers. However, in order to ensure that everyone enjoys a happy meal, there are a few things that should be observed to ensure that cooking outdoors does not cause danger to anyone. Here are two tips to keep in mind to ensure safety while cooking outdoors:

1. Be careful with wood fires:

Cooking over an open fire is a luxury which everyone should experience at some point in their lives. Whether roasting, searing or even using a pot, food cooked over a wood fire tends to absorb the flavor of the wood being used and add a level of zest that cannot be achieved from modern stoves. However, making wood fires comes with an element of danger. Be sure to use only dry wood, avoid starting fires in dry and windy conditions, and ensure you are not building your fire where it can cause damage to underground pipes, or ignite chemicals in the ground.

2. Clean up after cooking and eating:

Leaving crumbs or scraps of food lying around is not only nasty, it can attract insects and animals that could cause your outdoor expedition to become unpleasant. This is especially important if you are going to be sleeping at or near the cooking site but you should also clean up to keep the area safe for campers who might come after you and could be faced with flesh-eating ants or animals that can cause bodily harm or destroy belongings.

These and other simple tips can ensure that you have a lovely camping trip every time while enjoying flavorful treats.

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