Four Must-Have Camping Meals

Going on a camping trip? In addition to packing essential clothing items, electronics and sleeping gear, items of food and cooking utensils should also be given careful consideration when getting your stuff together.

Everyone who has ever gone camping will agree that eating is as much a part of the experience as sightseeing. Whether that is true or not, preparing meals outdoors requires a totally different approach when compared to cooking at home. In fact, it is an adventure unto itself which can be fun and interactive, not to mention resulting in healthy and tasty meals.

However, being successful at pulling off successful camping trips depend on the type of foods and equipment that you take along. Here are four things that you should definitely take with you on camping trips.

A small grill: Whether it is meat, bread or vegetables, grilling is an ideal way to prepare a wide variety of foods. For one, it allows for even cooking of food items and is suitable for locations where you are not allowed to build wood fires.

Skewers: Having skewers in your arsenal helps to diversify both your meal choices and methods of food preparation. They also can act as utensils, as in the case of kebabs and aid in the presentation of the food you are serving to your camping buddies or family.

Healthy snacks: The truth is that camping activities will cause you to use up a lot of energy. At the same time, cooking will not be practical for most of the time, so in order to keep your energy levels up, you should take along healthy snacks such as nuts, raisins, fresh fruit, dried fruit, granola bars and sandwiches. Ziploc bags are quite handy in this regard, so invest in some before going on your trip.

Drinking water: Hydration is very important when going on camping trips. Make sure you take along enough bottles of water for yourself and the rest of the camping crew that will last for the duration of the trip and then some.

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