Camping Holidays in the UK

Do you like camping holidays? For me, they bring back vivid memories of my childhood. I remember the days of waking up to my dad cooking bacon, eggs, sausage and baked beans all in the same pan. He told me that the bits of burnt bacon would add flavor to my eggs. The tent was usually small and the foam mats were certainly, not comfortable. It sounds bleak but even today I reminisce with great nostalgia about those family days under the canvas.

Those early days spent camping in Devon were special I will never forget the experience and how they instilled a great passion for the outdoors in me.

It’s probably because of those early experiences that I decided to set up my own camping web site. I wanted to give access to everyone who wants to find that perfect escape with that perfect morning Vista.

Camping holidays have changed thankfully

That’s right camping holidays have changed. When I say they have changed they are far more comfortable than they used to be.If I can do anything at all here I want to let you know about some of the great advances in camping technology the will change your perception of camping as a tough experience only for special forces hero. I am not going to cover off all of the great technological advances here. The overriding benefit of modern equipment is the weight. Modern camping equipment is no longer heavy and clunky.

Comfort has also greatly improved. I mentioned earlier about a foam sleeping mat.A foam mat offers zero comfort, it doesn’t matter how much I try to convince myself otherwise.  If you had a mat thick enough you might be ok but that would be very bulky. I love the modern mats offered by Exped or Thermarest. These mats iron out all the bumps and the rust to give you lightweight comfort. The mats can be expensive but are worth every penny. My current mat is going strong after 7-years and many trips away. You might be interested in reading my post on camping essentials.

Picking a tent

Get the right tent. Think weather do you want enough space in case it rains. This is particularly important if you are camping for a while. Having a large porch with children can be a great help. It gives you room to cook and your children room to play. Most tents now are lightweight and either come with poles or infaltable compartments. Speaking to a knowledgeable sales assistant should give you the guidance you need to select the right ten for a trip. In future post I will produce a guide on what you should look for in a ten.

Great value holidays

Camping holiday offers superb value. You can stay in some of the most beautiful places in the world for next to nothing. Think about booking a weekend holiday for a family of 4 in or near any beautiful place you can think of. What would be the cost? I’m not going to state a specific amount because depending on where stay the cost can vary significantly the point is that a camping holiday will give you 2,3,4 or even more nights for the cost of 1 in a hotel.

At a time where making your money go that bit further, a camping holiday can give you real value for money. The next step is to find a campsite suitable for you next weekend break of excursion abroad.

Why sleep in a hotel

I know I might be a bit biased. I struggle to sleep in hotels. It’s not just the cost it’s that stale air I can’t stand. Waking up in the morning I tend to wake up with a dry throat. I am not going to get into hotel bashing here I promise. INow I would like to point out a few more camping benefits.  My real excitement with camping comes from waking up in a beautiful place with great view. There is normally fresh air in abundance great for cleaning out the lungs. My dad always told me that fresh air would help me sleep. As I argued with him I struggled to keep my eyes open.


Camping Holidays around the world

Camping holidays in the UK are one thing but what about where we looking at camping holidays around the world. All the benefits still exist but there may be some additional consideration. I would make some specific consideration depending on where I was heading. Ask yourself some basic question about the weather and the environment. Are you going to be somewhere with extreme heat? You need to consider the particular animals around. Could some animals be a potential pest during your stay? Common sense is really important particularly if you are taking children camping.

If you are looking for some inspiration the telegraphy recently published a great review of the 20 best campsites in Europe

If you decide that heading to Europe is for you getting there from the UK can be just as easy as a UK trip. Load up the car and either take a train or ferry for some summer sun. We haven’t touched on the rain. Unfortunately, in the UK we have a wonderful lush greenery, it comes at a price. It needs regular watering. I personally love the rain. If you want to guarantee a little more sunshine you may want to check out campsites in Spain or campsites in France to give you some ideas.

If you are heading offro atrip this some have a greatime and keep on exploring.


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