At Campsite direct we have put together some of the key knowledge you will need for a wild camping trip to be successful. Knowledge is power and we have put together a thorough outline of what you need to know.

Wild camping UK essential guide

Welcome to your Wild camping UK guide. Here we will detail what you need to know before you plan your first trip out into the wilds of the UK. I want to discuss the legal aspects of wild camping but also best practices. The are limited places where you can wild camp but there are a few opportunities you should be aware of.

Firstly what is wild camping

Wild camping is where you camp in the wild. Generally this would not be on a campsite. As you would not be staying on a campsite you would also not have any facilities. So just clarify you would not have showers, toilets or cooking facilities. You have to be totally self sufficient. Take everything you need to survive the night away and make sure you leave with everything you tool with you

Why would I go wild camping

Wild camping can be a magical experience. It adds an additional layer of adventure from your normal campsite experience. Generally wild camping spots are remote and away from other giving you peace & quiet. If getting Intune with nature and only hearing the sounds of wildlife is for you this will be your happy place.

Is wild camping legal in the UK

The wild camping UK laws somewhat vary from region to region. Generally wild camping within the UK is not acceptable. There would be a few exceptions to this rule. You might well be able to camp on private land with the explicit permission of the land owner. It’s import that you ask for permission and if given you make sure you leave no trace. It’s worth taking note of a couple of best practices when camping wild

  • Make sure you take your rubbish home with you
  • Keep the use of shampoo &washing up liquid to a minimum – Don’t pollute river or stream
  • Don’t have open fires or BBQs as these present added fire risks
  • Don’t disturb the local wild life be mindful of lambing season or birds nesting

Rules for wild camping in Scotland

Scotland is a bit different. You can go wild camping in most places in Scotland althought there are some exceptions and some rules you need to follow. In recent year there have been some noticeable exceptions. Loch Lomond require campers to obtain a permit before camping. It’s important to do your research before you head for a wild camping UK trip.

This exceptional level of access is set out in the right-to-roam laws. As mentioned there are limitations you are not allowed to camp in someone’s garden , farm land or random gold cources. I don’t think the player would be happy if they found you camping on their green. Being respectful & mindful is essential when you arre selcting a spot.

Good Practice when wild camping UK

  1. Make sure you pitch up late in the day
  2. Leave early so you don’t have dog walker walking by your tent
  3. Leave no trace of your overnight camp
  4. Stay away form building and people houses
  5. Don’t pollute the environment
  6. Stay away from animal / don’t impact the wild life
  7. Don’t make load of noise
  8. Don’t start fires

What should you take when wild camping

You need to take with you everything you need for a night away. Make sure you have sufficient drinking water and food. All normal camping equipment will be required including camping stoves, tents, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, any many other essentials plastic rubbish bags are useful to take your rubbish and waste away with you.

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