We camp because we love nature and the environment. And because we love it we want to protect the environment we find ourselves in. As campers, we learn to leave no trace and minimize our environmental impact so that we and future generations can continue to enjoy the outdoors.

What camping teaches you

Camping teaches us to be good stewards to the environment by reminding us of the beauty of the outdoors. If we leave a place trashed, it won’t be the same to come back to. When we camp, we will in some way impact the environment. This is why it is important to reduce our impact by following the leave no trace principles.

benefits of camping


When camping you consume less water and electricity than at home. This is a reminder that you can use less electricity in your daily life and help reduce your carbon footprint. Without running water, you will naturally use less of it. Let this be a reminder to turn off the water when not using it at home. Certainly, on my last camping adventure, the water supply was a 10-minute walk away, bringing water back was challenging. The implications of this were I was more sparing than I otherwise would have been.

The benefits to the environment

To benefit the environment while camping makes sure to minimize your camping impacts by disposing of all wastes properly. Make sure to camp only in durable, established areas to reduce land use impacts. Always leave the area as you found it. When putting out a fire, make sure it is cool before leaving it. Take only photos of wildlife and do not feed or touch them.

If we make sure that we are always being good, respectful campers, then we can continue to enjoy the environment. It is our duty to pass these values on to other campers so that the environment can continue to benefit from our use.

Camping, in general, makes you conscious of your environment and surroundings. This awareness can be used in your day to day life.

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