When the time is right to head out camping you might be thinking about a new camping stove. Camping stove is one of those essential bit of camping equipment. We generally need one if we want to eat hot foot. Unless you are lucky enough to be wild camping or staying on a campsite with a fire pit.

Camping stove makes the experience

Staring at a campfire its great and in some ways it can be the holly grail of camping. It’s not the only highlight of a camping trip though. Being able to heat food whilst experiencing some discomfort makes getting the right camping stove essential.

The question is what is the right camping stove for your next trip.

Deciding what the trip is going to be like like is the first step. But there are so many additional questions you need to ask yourself. If you are like me you might just end up buying several stoves for different occasions. I’m sure over time you will but lets looks at some question that will allow you to chose your first camping stove.

  • Are you going to be car camping or on a light weight solo backpacking trip?
  • What is the availability of fuel?
  • Are you traveling on a plane?
  • Do you need to be able to cook for several family member as once?

Multi fuel stove

The msr whisperlite international is perfect for globetrotting backpackers seeking lightweight and compact multi-fuel stove. You can transport this stove internationally without any fuel along as the canister is thoroughly cleaned. You have to pressurize this stove yourself but you are able to burn many different types of fuel which make this perfect for hardcore adventurers

This stove also comes with a handy aluminum wind shield. I like this as it allows the flame to burn stronger without being impacted by the wind. The stove can be a bit more complex to use so I wouldn’t recommend this for a first stove unless you are heading off to some remote part of the world where you will need to burn various fuel types.

Multi-burner stove

The family stove. What you need when you are cooking a fry-up for the family early in the morning and the car is close by. This is going to be a lot heavier but it’s going to save you time in the morning when you have some hungry campers to feed.

Single burner gas stove

There is some crossover between the Whisperlite mentioned earlier and the pocket rocket. Both are lightweight but this design will be a bit more familiar. This is the MSR pocket rocket and its nice and light weight and burns a standard camping gas which can be found in most camping shops


My final thoughts

If I’m honest this type of stove is generally my go to stove for most camping trips. I have set of on a few family camping trips in recent year and I take the multi burner on those occasions.

There is also a good article by BBC good food which is worth having a look through. They provide some good additional information on different types of stoves.


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