There’s really nothing like the great outdoors. We have to admit, this is especially so when it comes to coastal landscapes the world across. Waking up at camp and seeing where the ocean meets the earth? Yeah, we’ll take it.

That’s why we’ve laid out these top five coastal campsites, which are perfect for families, couples and solo adventurers seeking a water-fueled holiday. Whether for access to the surf or simply for the views, we promise that you won’t want to skip out on them.

Camusdarach in Arisaig, Scotland

It’s no secret that the British Isles, Scotland included, is a majestic slice of earthly inhabitance. Camusdarach—a quaint campground on the coast of Arisaig, Scotland—serves as a basis for campers to take part in a load of activities, like fishing and wildlife tours. All the while, tent-pitchers and RV-ers co-mingle in a comfortable environment (think changing facilities for the tots and laundry for the seasoned loads) with a splendid view to boot.

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Assateague State Park in Maryland, USA

When you think of Maryland, you may not think of wild horses. Nonetheless, that’s just what you’ll find on Assateague Island. Camp in the state park and you’ll encounter these beasts along the beaches and throughout the campgrounds (yes, that does mean you need to secure your food). If you time it right, you may just get a spot right by the sand, where you can fall asleep to the sound of lapping waves. For added convenience, the park even provides hot water.

Noah Beach in Queensland, Australia

If you and your crew believe that roughing it is worth the view, it’s time to add Noah Beach to your must-visit list. Beyond the rainforest lies the totally white sand beaches of Daintree National Park, where unique critters like platypus call home. Spend the evenings watching the sun set over the horizon and grilling up your favourite barbeque before calling it quits amidst a shore suited for the storybooks.

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Lockston Path Provincial Park in Newfoundland, Canada

Wherever you roam on the coast of Newfoundland, you’re bound to find a coast that speaks to you. Lockston Path Provincial Park Campground just so happens to be on the eastern side of the island amidst the Bonavista Peninsula. Here, pine trees pair with cliff-facing freshwater beaches for a view that just cannot be beaten. Add moose and mink into the mix for a truly wild ride. You can pick your level of comfort, so whether you’re fine with cold water or you’d rather have a cosy shower, this campsite caters to you.

Panorama du Pyla in Arcachon, France

European camping doesn’t have to be of the inland kind. Camp at France’s Panorama du Pyla and you’ll have access to the sea in all its glory. Beautiful sand dunes, greenery creeping in on the coast and plenty of sun and smiles make up this site. Moreover, it’s a perfect destination for families as it’s saturated with activities meant for campers of all ages. If you’re craving something utterly novel, you can even try yurt or teepee camping.

Camping Panorama

Book It To the Coast

If the coast calls to your soul, you’re definitely not alone. Setting up camp by the shore, waking up to birds chirping at dawn and spending your days exploring the unique flora and fauna of the region are all perfectly valid reasons to book a beachfront campsite. So pick your favourite shore, pitch your trust tent and let the outdoors do the rest.

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