Tent camping tips that are mind blowing might be a little bit of an extreme claim. But here goes, these are all from my own personal experience

Some of these tips are so simple that you might even say why am I spending time reading about tent camping tips. The main reason for the article is because beginner who know nothing need to understand the basics.

Let’s not over complicate things, camping should be an activity which is simple to do and easy to enjoy.


Tent camping tips


  1. keep the trip cheap particularly if it’s your first trip , you really do not need to spend a fortune on the latest shiny camping objects. Don’t let the price of camping gear put you off. You could even invest in a second hand tent to start with and build up your equipment as you go.
  2. size can be everything when you head out on camping trip. My tent camping tip number 2 is always buy a tent which is bigger than you need. the extra space will be valuable particularly if the either isn’t great. As part of this point I would say if you can make sure you get a tent with the head height you need as well. Being bent over all the time can be tough.
  3. When you buy your camping gear do not do it when you are thing of going camping. Top tent camping tips 3 is buy your camping gear in winter or more to the point out of season.  If you buy when everyone else is you will pay a premium as they say why pay more when you can pay less.
  4. When you are choosing a campsite do some research and understand what kind of campsite it is. Is it going to fit in with the kind of trip you want. Do you want a campsite with a pool, disco, playground or near the sea. Are you looking for a quiet experience or something for the kids to do. Look at reviews of campsites and see what others are saying before you commit.
  5. Always be prepaid like a boy scout my top camping tip 5 is take some essential to help you fix things.  2 of my favourite thing are gaffer tape and cable ties. Both of these can be used in various ways. I have used various combinations of tap and ties to fix tent poles, holes in tents and a loads of other things.
  6. Always make sure you have rain gear with you. Particularly if you are camping somewhere with changable weather like in the  UK. I have to be honest if I am prepared I don’t mind a little rain it can make the experience more intense when rain starts hitting your tent. I always chuck a set of waterproof bottoms in my rucksack, they are light and save you from getting wet trousers.
  7. Take a plastic bag with you don’t leave it behind but it acts as a perfect rubbish bag.
  8. If you are going car camping take a folding chair it may seem like a luxury but you will not regret it. If you are not taking a car then just take a small square of foam to protect you from the cold wet ground.
  9. Take some kitchen foil with you it is light and you can use it to cook many different thing or just wrap things to protect them once you have opened them or cut them.
  10. Don’t forget something to dry yourself off a lightweight microfiber towel is the perfect add on for my top tent camping tip number 10.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some more camping some more tips, tricks and hacks for you. If you have any you wish to add please let me know.

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