Wild camping UK – What you need to know

At Campsite direct we have put together some of the key knowledge you will need for a wild camping trip to be successful. Knowledge is power and we have put together a thorough outline of what you need to know. Wild camping UK essential guide Welcome to your Wild camping UK guide. Here we will detail what you need to know before you plan your first trip out into the wilds of the UK. I want to discuss the legal aspects of wild camping but also best practices. The are limited places where you can wild camp but there are a few opportunities you should be aware of. Firstly what is wild camping Wild camping is where you camp in the wild. Generally this would not be on a campsite. As you would not be staying on a campsite you would also not have any facilities. So just clarify you would not have showers, toilets or cooking facilities. You have to be totally self sufficient. Take everything you need to survive the night away and make sure you leave with everything you tool wit…
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