The World’s Coolest Tents

When it comes to tents I am a huge nerd and love absolutely everything about them.  The coolest tents might be a very subjective subject but I will try and discuss the facts as much as possible.

I’m such a big fan of tents that I’m somewhat of a collector and have far more than I need lying around my house; some of them are in bad shape and really should just be thrown out.

The reason I have so many tents is  I love buying them when they come out.

I understand that for some people buying a tent when it’s 10 years old and going cheap at a garage sale makes financial sense, but I love a brand new tent innovation that’s changed something fundamental and is going to radicalize my camping experience!

So due to my love of tents, the following is my tent wish list, a bunch of incredible tents that would be a blast to try out in the w…

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