Tent camping tips that are mind blowing

Tent camping tips that are mind blowing might be a little bit of an extreme claim. But here goes, these are all from my own personal experience Some of these tips are so simple that you might even say why am I spending time reading about¬†tent camping tips. The main reason for the article is because beginner who know nothing need to understand the basics. Let's not over complicate things, camping should be an activity which is simple to do and easy to enjoy.   Tent camping tips   keep the trip cheap particularly if it's your first trip , you really do not need to spend a fortune on the latest shiny camping objects. Don't let the price of camping gear put you off. You could even invest in a second hand tent to start with and build up your equipment as you go. size can be everything when you head out on camping trip. My tent camping tip number 2 is always buy a tent which is bigger than you need. the extra space will be valuable particularly if the eit…
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