Tips for staying clean while camping

Staying clean while camping can often be a challenge. No matter what you do, everything seems a little dusty, dirty or sandy. Although staying clean while camping is hard, there are some tips for keeping things that little bit cleaner.

Antibacterial gell Firstly an absolute must on any camping trip whether with the family or heading off on a solo lightweight adventure, alcohol gell or hand sanitiser. You may be in a place that has limited water or you may put your hand in something a realise that you need to clean it immediately. Alcohol gell will kill most bacteria and certainly gives you the ability to clean your hands on the move. You might be out on a walk, stopping for lunch and just want to give your hands a quick clean. Keep dirt outside

When going in and out of your van, camper or tent, make sure you do your best to remove or shake off any mud or dirt. Knock mud and dirt off of your shoes or take off your shoes. Kee…

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