Staycation UK – Where to go? Where to stay?

Staycation, UK, Staycation Scotland, Staycation is everywhere we look. It a bit of a buzz term which has been around for a few years. I would say it's risen more to prominence over the last year. What is a Staycation? A staycation is a simple term relating to taking your holidays at home. Keeping your holidays local instead of jetting off to some far flung destination. As staycation UK might look like a camping trip in England or book a night glamping in a different part of the country. As I sit and write this The UK is still under fairly heavy restrictions. The country is opening up and as of the 12th April campsite & holiday park have started to open up. The outlook for foreign travel It's hard to say at this moment to say whether foreign travel will be possible this summer or not. Its seems as though there is a feeling that Covid-19 is being managed in the UK. Vaccinations are going well and a large number of the population has either some level of immunity for…
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