Camping in Japan – What you should know

Camping in Japan As the golden sun radiates in the sky and blankets the soil with humidity and warmth, you know that it is the perfect time to bring out your tent and camping gear. With Japan having such an affinity for nature, paired with the dazzling landscapes, camping in Japan is nothing less than tranquil. However, before you head out there are a few things that you should know. What you need to know Firstly, and possibly one of the most important points, camping in the public spaces is prohibited. While this may disappoint some people but don't let is put you off. There are plenty of good great campgrounds across the country which have a lot to offer. Prices vary greatly depending on a few factors such as the  amenities, location, equipment, and the type of accommodation, you may want to camp in a tent or a cabin. Campgrounds may charge you for a stay in a variety of ways. These include a price-per-night stayed price-per-person, or a flat base …
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