Top 5 Coastal Campsites for Ocean Lovers

There's really nothing like the great outdoors. We have to admit, this is especially so when it comes to coastal landscapes the world across. Waking up at camp and seeing where the ocean meets the earth? Yeah, we'll take it.

That's why we've laid out these top five coastal campsites, which are perfect for families, couples and solo adventurers seeking a water-fueled holiday. Whether for access to the surf or simply for the views, we promise that you won't want to skip out on them.

Camusdarach in Arisaig, Scotland

It's no secret that the British Isles, Scotland included, is a majestic slice of earthly inhabitance. Camusdarach—a quaint campground on the coast of Arisaig, Scotland—serves as a basis for campers to take part in a load of activities, like fishing and wildlife tours. All the while, tent-pitchers and RV-ers co-mingle in a comfortable environ…

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