Camping Toilet or not to camping toilet that is the question

One of the first things and issues that campers run into is how to go to the bathroom. Of course whenever you go camping you commit to leaving your luxuries behind, but does that mean toilets too? Well it depends on your situation and whether you are backcountry camping or staying at an official campground in a national park or a private campground. Here I have put some of my thoughts down about my camping toilet experiences. I will inform you of the many different options to get your business done. A camping toilet in a national park When it comes to camping at a national park or private campground there are almost always bathrooms that you can use. This includes toilet paper and sometimes showers, however you should still bring toilet paper with you just in case. It would be very unfortunate to excitedly walk to an actual bathroom on your trip only to find out that there is no toilet paper.   No running water - the sawdust toilet Now sometimes this means there…
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