The Latest Camping Technology

Whether you are an experienced outdoorsman who loves cool gadgets, or a city dweller who wishes the excursions to the country could be a little comfier, here are three devices that are must-haves for your next camping trip. “Roughing it” just got a whole lot easier. Check out the latest camping technology.   The PowerPot Being able to have your music with you is a huge plus when you’re going camping, but let’s face it: many of us don’t even own bulky, battery-powered CD players anymore. Using the car radio is another option too, but is it really worth starting up the car and wasting all that battery just to listen to music?

If you’re like most people your music collection is on your phone, it fits in your pocket, and it powers up via a USB port. Thankfully, the latest camping technology has adapted to technology in general. Meet the PowerPot: it’s a thermo-electric generator that allows you to keep your devices charg…
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