Camping and CoronaVirus

It's been in all of our thoughts, the coronavirus is everywhere and has changed our lives. Whether you live in the UK or Africa your life will have been touched by the Coronavirus. We have to find ways to adapt our lives whilst in quarantine. Right now in the middle of the mad situation, we have to adhere to staying at home. For many of us this can be challenging because we love the outdoors. It is the right thing to do to stay at home and protect the ones that we love. What light can be seen at the end of the tunnel? We may be stuck at home now but we can still have a lot of fun. Coronavirus may have stopped us going out to visit campsite but there are other options. The time at home there are some great things you can do. If you have children why not build a fun camp in the garden including a BBQ. Kid love this sort of stuff. I have to be honest I have spent several nights in my garden during this period enjoying a night under canvas can still be a refreshing experience,…
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