The best campsites in Wales

I love camping. in the UK we are spoilt for a beautiful place to camp. For me now feels like the right time to share my list of the best campsites in Wales.  On a personal level, I have been visiting wales since I was a young boy. It gives you the chance to head off into a remote part of the UK for a wild adventure. A lot of people are drawn to Wales because of Snowdonia. Whilst you're there you can try your hand at climbing the highest mountain called Snowdon which is 1085 metres high. Generally in Wales much like England you are not permitted to wild camp, however, in some more remote regions such as Snowdonia you may well be able to spend a night out under the stars. although strictly speaking you are not meant to there is tolerance as long as you are mindful of the impact. Arriving late and leaving early making sure you leave no trace should be acceptable. if you don't want to take the risk and prefer to have some amenities then you'll want to know the best campsites …
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