I know it’s winter and you might not be thinking about camping. If you are like me whether it’s winter or not you will always be looking for places to go camping.  There are a limitless number of adventure to be had.  Below are a few of the best place you can go around the world, Some of them in the UK and some in further flung locations. The freedom camping gives you in unparalleled. You can pop an ultralight tent in your backpack and head off alone or you can take the family and a big trip and deepen family relationships.

These destinations that you can go camping are places we have discussed previously and are worth exploring in a bit more detail.

Wales is a lovely place you have the higher mountains of Snowdonia  and beautiful coastline

  1. Camping in Wales

South Africa has an expanse of places to go why not visit table top mountain.

2. Camping in South Africa

Australia is a top destination for young backpackers why not head out into the outback for some alone time.

3. Camping in Australia

Why not get lost in the Jurassic coastline of the south of England it’s probably about a five or six-hour drive from London.

4. Camping in Dorset

Cape Cod, is a hook-shaped peninsula of the U.S. state of Massachusetts, is a popular destination. It’s the site of quaint villages, seafood and shacks.

5. Camping in Cape Cod

We hope you have enjoyed our list of places to go camping, if you have any suggestions then please write in and let us know. Share your experience with the world.

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