Camping in British Columbia finds its way onto the bucket list of many an outdoor enthusiast. Its sheer vastness and unparalleled beauty make it a getaway for all kinds of folks. Most people seek this region for a quietness that can’t be found elsewhere, and these peaceful campsites in British Columbia are some of the best. Here is our best picks of the perfect Canadian camping spots in British Columbia.

Otter Lake Campground

Seemingly transported from the 1960’s, when this campground first opened, Otter Lake Provincial Park provides campers with an amazing getaway. Located within Okanagan, you can drive up to your campsite, which offers a quiet feel without being too remote. It doesn’t get too crowded, which is good news for those that choose to set up camp there. Mountains, canyons and lakes surround you, granting you the best scenery that BC has to offer.

Sidney Spit Campground in Gulf Islands National Park

Seeing the words national park may be off-putting for those that want a bit of quiet, as these areas tend to get the most visitors throughout the year. However, Sidney Spit Campground retains a tranquil environment within the beautiful Gulf Islands National Park. To get to your campsite, simply hop on a quick ferry ride by foot. This leads you to a semi-backcountry region where you can enjoy BC’s true serenity. Gulf Islands offers other campsites that are just as quiet, so do some digging and you’ll surely find a site suited to your needs.

campsite sidney spit

Buttle Lake Campground in Strathcona Provincial Park

Strathcona Provincial Park is known for its backcountry renegades. As such, this front country getaway remains a true respite for those seeking a peaceful camping experience. Situated along the Elk River, Buttle Lake Campground lets you drive right up to your site, where you can set up a comfortable camp and enjoy the views. You’ll also have access to splendid trekking routes from your site, so you’ll have plenty to do throughout your stay.

Yard Creek Campground

Yard Creek Campground offers lovers of the outdoors an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life without going too far. You can find it off the Trans Canada Highway within Yard Creek Provincial Park. From this campsite, you can access lush forests and expansive river views alike. The park is great for birdwatching or simply strolling along one of their splendid nature trails. Amidst all the activities, you’ll surely enjoy your peaceful weekend at the campsite.

Yard Creek Campground


Kettle River Provincial Campground

If you’re looking for a family-friendly campground, Kettle River Provincial Campground is it. Within Rock Creek, BC, this site is quiet at night so the kids can sleep and the adults can enjoy their relaxing evening. Moreover, a range of activities are available during the day to keep the whole family entertained. Throughout your stay, try tubing in the Kettle River, biking along the Canada Trail or simply going for a swim.

Find Your Peace in BC

If you want to enjoy the true wonder of British Columbia without disturbance, these five campsites are a great start to your peaceful excursion.

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