Camping is an art and one that you can only get better at with practice. That’s all the more reason to keep at it! Over time, you’ll be able to learn what it is that makes your very own campsite creations above par.

While there’s nothing quite as effective as trial by campfire, we must admit that learning some tips before you go is awfully helpful. That’s why we want to share the best ways to transform a good campsite into a great one.

Prioritise Location

They say the three most important aspects of real estate are location, location and location. Well, the same goes for campsites across the world. After all, the success of a holiday all depends on where it is you’re stationed. Go for a coastal campground, opt for a lakeside getaway or even head toward the mountains for a tucked-away respite. Choose a populated place full of activities or a quiet corner meant for introspection. Whatever the case, listen to your heart. It’ll lead you beyond the mediocre campsites, straight for the ones worth telling stories about.

Make It Cosy

Don’t be afraid to dress up your campsite. When the night falls and you’re ready to get comfortable amidst your very own campsite, you’ll be grateful you went the extra mile and set yourself up for a restorative getaway. Hang up a hammock, set up a lantern or even some solar-powered lights, pack your favourite herbal tea and lay down the sleeping mat for added comfort. Jam on a guitar or make sweet moves around the fire under the stars. Whatever you need to do to make it feel like home, we’re all for it.

cosy camping

Get To Know Your Surroundings, People and All

We’re all for a little socialising. While some people camp to get away from people, others are all about the interactions. If the scenario warrants it, make nice with your neighbours as well as the managers of the grounds. Who knows; you may wind up with some new friends, or gain a few tips for your travels ahead. Oftentimes, it really is the people that make all the difference.

Choose a Campsite with Your Favorite Amenities

Everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to camping. That’s the beauty of it; you can make your campsite as glamorous or as primitive as you’d like. By selecting a campground based on the amenities it has to offer (say, hot water, running showers, a kitchen area or maybe even Wi-Fi), you can minimize the surprises coming your way. After all, what you want matters most on your own holiday, so it’s best to seek out a stay you’ll want to remember.

Prepare for the Weather

There’s nothing worse than being stuck at your campgrounds while ill-prepared for the weather ahead. By opting for an outdoor adventure, you ought to be ready for rain or shine. Pack a couple of tarps, load in the ponchos and round up all your tall tales. We recommend bringing a dry bag to stow away your gadgets in the event of a storm (you can also use this when kayaking or canoeing for utmost protection).

camping poncho

Settle For Nothing Shy of Greatness

Camping is meant to be a memorable, relaxing and rewarding experience. By following these tips on how to make a good campsite great, you’ll find yourself ahead of the outdoor-savvy game. All that’s left to do is book your campsite and get to planning.

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