Corona Virus and camping can you go camping in England?

Updated 02/01/2021

Camping for many of us is a great way to escape and have a unique experience. Now more than ever we require those mini breaks just to to keep our sanity. For many know whether or not it’s okay to go camping can be confusing as current rules and regulation seemingly change on a daily and weekly basis.

I have put together a brief overview of the Tier system in England and how this impacts your ability to go camping.

For a full list of restriction it’s worth checking our the government website dedicated to the specific restriction that are currently in force for your area. You can find the Tier that you live in or  those you are looking to visit here

  • Campsites and accommodation are open in Tier 1 areas (Medium Alert) and no more than six people from different households are allowed to mix – a list of what you can and cannot do in Tier 1 areas is available here.
  • Campsites and accommodation are permitted to open in Tier 2 areas (High Alert) however you are not permitted to mix indoors with members of another household (outdoors, the rule of six applies) – a list of what you can and cannot do in Tier 2 areas is available here.
  • Campsites and accommodation must close in Tier 3 areas (Very High Alert). There is a small number of exceptions – including help for those who do not have an alternative form of residence – but accommodation businesses will not be open to holidaymakers. More information on the rules in Tier 3 areas can be found here.
  • In the new Tier 4 Campsites, accommodation businesses must close

As the Corona virus picture changes across England we will keep this page updated with the latest government guidance. As we move into 2021 we are likely to have to live with these restriction for the coming months until the new vaccines have started to impact the transmission of the virus. It is a tough time for all of us that enjoy camping trips but it’s really important that we respect the rules as these are in place to protect us all.

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