Whether you’re RV-side or tent-bound, decorating your campsite is key to a comfortable stay. With the best outdoor gear you can find, you’ll feel at ease from every corner of your plot. That’s why we’re here to suggest the best outdoor gear for a truly cosy campsite.


Eno Hammock

An Eno hammock and a set of straps to hang it are essential in creating a comfortable campsite ambience. It’s easy to use, and all you need is a pair of trees to set it up. You can purchase SingleNest or DoubleNest hammocks from the brand, depending on who you plan to hang with. Eat, read or nap in your hammock; the choice is yours.

eno hammock

The material of the Eno hammock is lightweight and packs up small, so you can easily trek this product with you wherever you roam. You can even purchase a bug net to surround the hammock. That way, if the night is clear and you want to sleep under the stars without disruption, you can do so.


JetBoil Genesis Stove

If you’re one for cooking, JetBoil is a great brand to go for, and their Genesis stove is a star. Easily powered by propane, this setup allows you to cook with a full-sized skillet (all included) and a large soup pot simultaneously. Your famous potato leek soup will taste even better in the great outdoors.

JetBoil Genesis Stove

When you’re done with your feast, simply fold up the stove and skillet and carry it away. No lugging required.


Therm-a-Rest Pro-Lite Self-Inflating Mattress

If tent camping is your go-to, you’re going to want some padding from the rugged terrain. Fortunately, the Therm-a-Rest self-inflating mattress allows for a good night’s sleep. This product requires no heavy blowing to inflate. All you have to do is loosen the air cap and, after mere minutes, you’ll have yourself a comfortable nook.


When not in use, this mattress rolls up tight and even comes with a patch in the event of a mishap.


JBL Charge 3 Speaker

Why not enjoy some light tunes or podcasts on your downloads list at the campsite? The JBL Charge 3 speaker is waterproof with a high quality of sound and a long-lasting battery. Just be sure to turn down the audio when night falls.

If you’re backpacking and want to keep your load as light as possible, you can always go with the JBL Go, an equally top-tier speaker in a much more compact package.


EnerPlex Generatr 1200

If you’re hoping to juice up a mini fridge, laptop, lights and other small devices, the EnerPlex Generatr 1200 will surely do the trick. This compact machine comes equipped with a trio of USB outlets as well, so everyone can charge up their devices.

If the typical generator qualms worry you, fret not. This modern one keeps the noise to a minimum, emits absolutely no fumes and can even revamp its charge via solar power.

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