It’s okay to streamline your camping experience in order to set yourself up for success. Really, it doesn’t mean you’re taking shortcuts or cutting corners. It just means you took the time to think ahead, and that’s worth bragging about.

These seven camping tips will make your life easier and more enjoyable, all while making the outdoor-lover within you proud.

Make the Most Of Your Head Torch

There is definitely more than one use for a head torch. While they were technically designed to be strapped around the skull, you’ll find that its multiple uses supercede this intention. Choose a headlamp with a red light setting, as it’s perfect for tying to the roof of your tent and using as a low-key reading light. You can even throw your light inside of an empty gallon water jug; not only does it help to reuse plastic waste, but it also provides you with a low-budget lantern alternative.

Savor Some Couscous

Couscous is a pearl-shaped pasta that mimics the palatable experience of a hearty quinoa. It’s also one of our top camping go-tos due to the ease with which you can cook it. Simply boil some water in a pot, then turn off the heat and mix in the couscous. Pair it with a delectable can of pesto or marinara, as well as some grilled bread (and maybe a side of corn on the cob if you’re feeling really wild) and you’ve got yourself an easy, affordable and high-quality campsite meal.


Make Friends with a French Press

Just because you’re roughing it outdoors doesn’t mean you have to do without your usual cup o’ joe. A French press is the perfect campsite accompaniment. Pour boiling water atop ground coffee and let it sit for a few minutes before pressing it down and pouring it into your mug. Not only is it clever, but it makes for a dang good cup of coffee.

Craft a Just-In-Case Kit

Emergencies may not happen often, but when they do, you’ll want to be prepared. Where you’re camping (deep in the woods or just off the roadway) will determine how much preparation you really need, but try filling a tin with things like candles, a backup light, fire starter and perhaps even a portable charger for a smartphone.

Bring a Homemade Firestarter

A campsite is nothing without a campfire, even if all it’s used for is telling stories around. Pack a homemade fire starter made of charcoal, dryer lint or anything else you can get

your hands on. When the time comes, you’ll be grateful for the witty shortcut.

Zip Your Sleeping Bags Together

If you’re a couple, a family or even just really close friends, try fighting off the cold by zipping your sleeping bags together. It’ll make your night a little more spacious and a lot warmer.

Pre-Mix a Spice Blend

If you’re planning on doing some savory cooking, try mixing together your favourite spices in advance. That way, rather than having to pack jars of cumin, paprika and chilli flakes separately, you can downsize to one convenient and compact jar. This makes the process of cooking meat and veggies a whole lot easier, too.

Take These Tips and Run

These seven tips on making camping easier and more fun are just the start. Whether for a tent, cabin or RV, there are endless ways to make camping a little bit more enjoyable for you and your tribe. All you have to do is think outside the box.

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